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Who is Pokeworks?

Pokeworks is on a mission to popularize the native Hawaiian dish Poke globally – through a healthy, customized, and unique QSR customer experience, we call ‘premium fast-casual’.


As a rapidly growing and trend-forward fast casual brand, Pokeworks is successfully making Poke and related healthy menu offerings mainstream.


With fresh, sustainably-sourced seafood and our signature Poke Your Way™, customers rave about the Pokeworks experience, where each guest can build a bowl, burrito, or salad to meet their own individual taste profile.

Investment Highlights

  • $1.1MM*average sales in 2023 for company locations
  • Low investment starting under $308K
  • Small restaurant footprint and efficient operations. Only 1800 sqft.
  • Low payroll roster.
  • Bold flavors appealing to Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z dining trends.
  • Educated and affluent customers with higher disposable income.
  • Largest and fastest growing brand in the growing poke QSR segment.
  • $1B category expected to grow 13% per year into the foreseeable future
  • High check average ($20+)
  • High customer frequency.  Average customer eats at Pokeworks once per week.
  • Prime protected development territories available.

* These sales are detailed in Item 19 of our FDD. Some outlets have sold the amounts stated. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance you will sell as much.

Pokeworks is on a mission to popularize the native Hawaiian dish Poke, through a healthy, customized, and unique QSR customer experience we call “premium fast casual.” With our unique Poke Your Way™ approach, guests can build a bowl, burrito, or salad to individual tastes.

Innovative Menu

With proprietary, Asian-inspired flavors, the Pokeworks menu offers endless Poke, bowl, burrito, and salad combinations. We feature proteins like salmon, ahi tuna, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and even limited-time-only menu options. Plus customers get to choose from a long list of fresh, crisp vegetables prepared in-house daily to build a Poke Your Way™ meal.
Bang Bang Chicken Bowl
Sweet Sesame Chicken
Spicy Ahi
Hawaiian Ahi
Yuzu Ponzu Salmon
Umami Ahi
Sweet Shoyu Tofu
Poke Bowl: Two Proteins
Poke Salad: Two Proteins
Poke Bowl: Three Proteins
Poke Salad: Three Proteins
Poke Burrito

Simple and sophisticated operations

  • Industry-leading eCommerce capabilities
  • Best-in-class loyalty and direct marketing programs and technology. Pokeworks enjoys Customer Loyalty retention rates that exceed fast casual benchmarks
  • Consistent, consolidated supply chain
  • Guest services support ensuring all reviews receive a response within 24 hours
  • Rigorous new product development and limited time offers (LTO)

The Pioneers of Premium Poke

  • Fresh. Supporting our customers’ lifestyles with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.
  • Fast. Healthy options on the go that can be prepared efficiently and quickly.
  • Bold. Proprietary sauces and flavors inspiring repeat visits (According to a recent customer survey, the average customer eats at Pokeworks once a week)
  • Customizable. Making it easy for customers to Poke Your Way™